Bakerview Road Overpass Improvement

Improve safety and alleviate higher volume congestion at the busy Bakerview Road interchange by lengthening turn lanes and by maximizing use of the area within the right-of-way. Address pedestrian and car safety concerns with the addition of sidewalks.

The City of Bellingham needed to improve traffic flow, and general safety, by maximizing the available area within the right-of-way to expand roadway surfaces for increased volume.

The entire project, including wetland mitigation, needed to be done entirely within right-of-way or in the vicinity of the project in order for it to meet fiscal constraints. Because improvements were being made to an existing interchange, impacts to adjacent wetlands was unavoidable. However, impacts were reduced through engineering design. Due to the expense of off-site mitigation, mitigation had to be managed within or adjacent to the site.

NES and the client proposed mitigation within an adjoining right-of-way owned by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WDOT). With the state’s cooperation, a mitigation site was approved keeping the project viable. NES obtained local, state, and federal environmental permitting for the project.

NES advantage

  • Accomplished the project, redesign, construction, and environmental permitting on a very limited budget.
  • Successfully negotiated an adjacent mitigation site with WDOT.
  • Met constraints to work largely within the right-of-way thus addressing tight fiscal constraints.
  • Reduced impacts to adjacent wetland through effective engineering.