Citizen Science Amphibian Monitoring Program

Foster a stronger relationship with the community through the stewardship of British Petroleum’s lands at Cherry Point; amphibian population monitoring created crucial insight into overall program success.

Northwest Ecological Services designed and implemented a citizen science based amphibian monitoring program that was launched in 2013 and will continue for three years.

The training process included a five-hour workshop that included both class and field training for the volunteers which included information on amphibian identification, field protocols, and safety. NES provided these workshops each spring, in addition to providing outreach and registration for volunteers.

NES also designed, supervised, and managed communication for field days, which are held three times each season. NES input findings from survey days and maintained computer records of all of the collected data.

NES advantage

  • Tapped into demand for citizen science monitoring with registration at capacity every year
  • Trained and collaborated with over 70 people who have volunteered to participate in this program
  • Created a data collection from these surveys that is being used by BP to better manage their lands for amphibian populations

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