Haxton Way Pedestrian Trail

Created a safe connection for recreation and travel along a major corridor within the heart of the Lummi Indian Reservation.

NES worked with a multi-disciplinary team on the two-mile-long Haxton Way Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathway Project. Due to the urgency of safety concerns, the project had a strict timeline and design constraints. NES provided creative solutions to solve complex wetland mitigation and permitting challenges. We also worked with a wide variety of agencies to gain common understanding and support for the project’s goals.

NES’s work included completing the wetland delineation, reviewing design scenarios, and negotiating compensatory mitigation. Despite an aggressive timeline and significant environmental hurdles, NES successfully obtained all permit approvals ahead of the construction schedule. As part of their permitting work, NES obtained CWA Section 404 and 401 Individual Permit approvals, helped complete the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) checklist, and prepared the ESA No Effect Assessment. NES also conducted construction monitoring to facilitate permit compliance.

NES advantage

  • Secured multi-agency cooperation through our strong relationships
  • Obtained permits in approximately half the traditional timeline to meet urgency of project
  • Found creative wetland mitigation and design solutions to meet project budget and timeline
  • Made timely field changes during construction to adjust to unforeseen challenges and keep project on track
  • Achieved quick response time both during design and construction

NES understood the project urgency and importance to the Lummi community and helped get us to construction with amazing speed when others were still doubtful.  -Richard Jefferson, former Lummi Planning Director